Music Services

Tailor Made Skripstrumentals

As far as music goes, anything you need I’ve got it and can create it!  I’ve got an arsenal of music of various genres but I mostly prefer to create fresh and custom tracks based on the needs of each client. If you have a melody or hook in mind, even just a topic and mood I can take that idea to the moon. Here are some examples of tailor made tracks on chart topping albums.

Each exclusive track is $500.00 USD. Half up front is required to start any work for you. Payment plans are available and when half is reached I can initialize my efforts to create something sonically amazing for your next album/single. Once final payment is made and balance is complete, full and finished .wav and track outs of instrumental will be sent.

Email here to start the process for you next amazing song!

Artist Consultation

[expand title=”An A&R is traditionally known for finding and developing an artist and often times it doesn’t matter how much you write, record and spend, if you aren’t being nurtured or directed as an aspiring artist you can be making the mistakes that are holding you back. Without a voice of reason and guidance It can feel like you’re in a maze. Well I’m here to change that by becoming your personal music business coach. Read More…” alt=”Empire Strikes Back”]With 14+ years of expertise as an artist and producer, headlining various events across the nation, touring, radio, and Billboard chart achievements.
I want to help you learn what to do right, stop doing what’s wrong and grow your brand while advising you on what to do next to ultimately get you to your peak as an artist. This consultation service is an advisory service only. I help you – as an independent artist or band – navigate your career and/or CD marketing and promotion plans. What I will do is listen and critique any and all songs you show me during our sessions. I will teach you how to properly promote, market, and sell your music, and what you need to do to develop your music career or independent record label.

In our consultations I will also educate you on how to work with various online gatekeepers, record labels, how much, who and what to spend your money on while working on an album and how to build a fan base the right way. I will mentor you on how to navigate popular social networking sites on the internet for your benefit as a brand. This type of mentorship will only go as far as you go in your personal receptivity to my training and growth as an artist. This is not a get famous quick scheme these are practical life lessons to soberly see life as a potential full time artist.

At this time I am not managing or promoting artists who I consult. I will not take on a project or do the required work for you, and I do not shop demos. I will teach you how to build and retain fans once your best product is circulating to create a base of operations and support. Bottom line, I’m here to give you all the ears you can possibly want in our sessions and be honest with you to see you reach your dreams!

$55 USD per 1 hour session in person at my Chicago office or online via Google hangouts. Email here to schedule an appointment. [/expand]

Music Production Lessons

Ever wanted to make beats? I want to help you become more than just a beat-maker, but a music producer.  In one hour I want to help you start making tracks, playing music and getting you the right information you need for your current situation.  With a one hour coaching session,  I will share trade secrets and the fundamentals of creating a track from scratch. For those who are already making music but are still not pleased with where they are, I will continue to polish you in your already present gift or desire of creating music. Need a critique on your beats to get them sounding major? No problem! Having a Macbook/laptop and a midi controller/piano with accessibility to your music production software (Logic preferred) will aid the hands on experience. You will also have first dibs to my upcoming custom beat kits.

$60 USD per 1 hour session in person at my Chicago office or online via Google hangouts.
$100 USD for 2 hours in person at my Chicago office or online via Google hangouts.

Email here to schedule an appointment.

Voice Over Talent

Need voiceover work for a commercial? TV, movie, cartoon or song? Examples coming soon!