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Adriel Cruz

Adriel Cruz is a Church planter, Conference Speaker, Urban Missionary, Worship leader, and Young adult specialist with 10+ years of experience. Adriel is the founder and visionary of World Renegade Missions an organization that consults and partners with churches by strengthening its leaders, cultivating excellence, and reaching this generation in unconventional ways. 

Adriel is an internationally known Billboard charting recording artist, performer, and music producer with expertise in various forms of media and the music business. God has since transitioned them from local senior leadership in Chicago to Georgia as urban missionaries on a much broader course.

From his late teens and early 20’s, God was faithful in nurturing a desire to study and proclaim the Gospel, learn Christian apologetics, theology, and Bible doctrine. His heart’s directive is unconventional discipleship by way of reaching people where they are.

Adriel’s entrepreneurial endeavors work hand in hand with his speaking ministry expanding boundaries of Jesus and church into new arenas. Adriel believes that when a local church has Christ raised high, Holy Spirit power, and a firm foundation on why they believe what they believe then it is a force that cannot be reckoned with!

Adriel has been joyfully married to his wife Vanessa Cruz, LCPC for 11 years, and received their miracle baby boy Zachariah W. Cruz on March 10th, 2020. Adriel has a deep appreciation for the 70’s and 80’s and pop culture. Some of his favorite preachers are William Gurnall (1600’s) Benny Perez and Art Azurdia.


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